Pool Pumps Description

Our Swimming Pool Sand filters deliver crystal clear water through advanced pool filter technology for pools of all types and sizes. Since this sand filter requires minimal care, users will appreciate its added convenience. The durable housing is molded of corrosion proof polymeric or fiberglass materials. Additional features include an advanced, self-cleaning lateral system for smooth, efficient flow and totally balanced and automatic backwashing valves. We also provide all types of swimming pool filtration Silica sand media, and Glass mediaThe pump is essentially the heart of the swimming pool's circulation system. Your pool's circulation system comprises the elements of your pool that take water from the pool, filters it, sanitizes it, and returns the water back to the pool. If your pump is not running, the water from your pool is not being properly circulated or filtered..

A pool pump consists of three primary components:

  • 1. The Motor
  • 2. The Impeller
  • 3. The Hair and Lint Trap

The motor is electric and uses either 115 or 230 volts and, at full speed, rotates a mechanical shaft at 3450 RPM (revolutions per minute). The impeller, in turn, rotates at the same speed and provides the pressure needed to circulate the water. The hair and lint trap (also referred to as the strainer basket), captures large debris such as leaves that could otherwise clog the pump and reduce or prevent its performance


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