Pool Rectification & Renovation Works

In the most recent years, we have experienced a wave of pool owners coming to us with the same complaint: Pool leakage! Now that's every pool owner's nightmare. It is disastrous to see your pool water level getting lower everyday and having to refill it every time. But what is more terrible is getting a high water bill at the end of the month and continue to do so. Call us today and let us take care of it for you.

The costs for rectification works isn't a joke! , we want to make sure that these kinds of complaints aren't just a hunch or a result of some breakdown of pool electro-mechanics. Your pool will be under observation for a couple of days to enable us to calculate the daily pool water loss, with this, we will be able to confirm the presence of leak in your pool or if it is just mere evaporation. A Pressure Test will be carried out to determine the exact point of leakage in the pipes and plumbing system of the pool. If the leak is found in the structure, major rectification works to get to the bottom of the problem will be recommended to you.

Water Analysis for every two to three months for a pool with a good running system, a water analysis is carried out to check the most essential water parameters with which the pool water and equipment?s conditions depend on. Other water parameters that we check are the following

  • Total Alkalinity.
  • Cyanuric Acid.
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).
  • Calcium Hardness.
  • Phosphate.

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